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Dear Valued Customer,

I would like to personally thank-you for you consideration of our fine line of Xylitol Products.

Our goal is to work with you in bringing awareness that Xylitol is a Healthy Sweetener and alternative to sugar.

Where sugar is staple in the mass grocery stores, our aim is to with with the health foo stores and drug channels in making Xylitol a staple in this environment.

Many of our products you will see an additional logo


If you see this logo appearing on our packages, it represents my personal signature and certification that the ingredients in that product meet or exceed the healthiest ingredients available and are in my opinion, the healthiest achievable.

My personal goal is to bring you the Finest & Healthiest Sweets in the World!

I look forward in continuing to work with my team in our search of Products which will bear this designation and provide these to you in concert for health and well being.

Yours in Good Health,

Mark S Stever
President and Creative Overseer
EPI International Inc.
Xylitol Fresh


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